putting the pieces together


RSA  Conference March 1-4, San Francisco, CA - Information Card IMI Interop in the OASIS booth.

ABA Cyberspace Law Committee - Identity Management Task Force Meeting, January 29-30, Miami, FL

IIW - Internet Identity Workshop X, May 18-20, Mountain View, CA

First NIH iTrust Forum, December 10, Bethesda, MD

Internet Identity Workshop 9, Nov3-5,Mountain View, CA

OASIS Identity Management 2009, Roundtable on Use of Open Identity Technologies in Government, September 29, Gaithersbutg, MD

Open Identity for Open Government Initiative announcement at Gov 2.0

Gov 2.0 Summit - Identity Panel, September 10th, Washington, DC

Open Government Identity Management Solutions Privacy Workshop, August 10, Washington, DC.

Panel discussion on the Age of Identity Oracles (Internet Identity Services), Catalyst Conference, July 29, in San Diego

Harnessing the Power of Digital Identity: 2009 and the Promising Road Ahead   One day Workshop and demonstration on April 20th at RSA Conference in San Francisco

Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) 2009, May 18-20, Mountain View, CA

Burton Group Catalyst Conference, July 17-31, San Diego, CA. Come learn about the "Identity Oracles".

Higgins wins award for open source identity management at European Identity Conference.

OECD working paper: At a Crossroads: "Personhood" and the Digital Identity in the Information Society Co-authored by Mary Ruddy and a number of experts in digital identity. Many thanks to Mary Rundle for agreeing to be the editor.

Eclipse releases its first User-Centric Identity Framework Higgins 1.0 is available.